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8 of My Favorite MUAs on Instagram

The MUAs in this list are the folks who’s works have opened my eyes to what I really love to see in beauty and are really who I consider to be the cream of the crop! Here are 8 of my favorite Instagram MUAs. Enjoy ๐Ÿ’ž

In no particular order:

1. Chelsey (@chelslaysss) she/her

You have to check out Chelsey’s work. She does amazingly detailed graphic liner work. Her blend of color and creativity knows no bounds!

2. Khadija (@muakhads) she/her

I first came across Khadija’s work on Instagram after stumbling upon her Matching my Makeup with my Hijab series. If it wasn’t already obvious, almost every makeup artist on this list has incorporated anime or geek culture into their work at least once. But Khadija stands out from wherein a good chunk of her looks take inspiration from popular anime series like Sailor Moon and Demon Slayer. You can see her and Chelsey’s most recent collaborative makeup looks here.

3. Kayla (@iamkaylabeauty) she/her

First of all, support Kayla by purchasing her graphic liner palette in collaboration with Icy Wifey Cosmetics! Secondly, Kayla consistently does SOOO much and I love it. And as someone who LOVED Barbies as a kid, this is hands down my favorite look of hers. My Barbie wears hoop earrings and chains! ๐Ÿ’…๐Ÿพ

4. Fatima (@fatimathemua)

Fatima is so extremely talented. She not only beats her own face for fun, but she does it for a living as a Pro MUA! This one image alone does not display the peak of her talent, I implore you to give her Instagram a look through. And if you’re in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, book her here!

5. Darius Hall (@poorlildarkbxy) they/them

I have not seen a look from Darius that I did not love. Their work made me fall in love with the faux freckle look. Support their collab with LMT Cosmetics Thee Lip Collection by Dee. And if you love a bright colorful eye and a glossy nude lip, go ahead and hit that follow button on their Instagram.

6. Isha Camara (@ishathepoet) she/her

Isha isn’t only a makeup artist, she’s an artist, and my modest fashion icon! She’s a creative through and through! And if there’s one thing Isha will give you, it’s a beat AND a fly fit! Get into it.

7. Zaynna Beckford (@itszaybaybay)

You know how I mentioned earlier in this piece that I love MUAs that love anime? Yeah, Zay is one of them. Of all of the MUAs on this list, I’ve seen Zay do the most full cosplays (she’s actually part of a very talented cosplay trio). She is so incredibly talented, this TikTok she created caught the attention of THE Missy Elliott, which led to her doing Missy’s face for this video and this video.

8. Sam (@imightbesamera) she/her

Sam is probably the first MUA on this list that who’s work I fell in love with. If you’re looking for vibrant and colorful eyeshadow looks, she will show you the rainbow. I have not been steered the wrong way by her before. She’s also always has some funny stuff on her Instagram stories, so if you love SpongeBob and love to laugh, I recommend checking those out as well.

As someone that is still relatively new to makeup and beauty (I’ve only been exploring makeup for the past 3 years), I strongly recommend following all of these creators if you want to stay inspired and continue to grow. Each of them are amazing sources of information and do an amazing job of tagging the products they use and documenting their work. ๐Ÿ’–


Published by Tierra Powers

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