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Hiiii, I’m Tierra!

My Coming of Age Arc

I was born during the wee hours of January 17th, 1998. Well technically, it wasn’t JUST me that was born, it was me and my sister, but I was born first and that’s all that matters. I was also born and raised in (North) Omaha, Nebraska and, like many blerds, was introduced to nerdom at a very young age. My dad was a big Marvel fan and a bit of a gamer, which rubbed off onto my 2 older siblings, which then rubbed off onto me and my sister. I spent a large part of my early childhood watching my 2 older siblings play fighting games like Smash Bros and Tekken and watching anime on Toonami. It wasn’t until early adolescence that I got to have any control over what media I consumed. It was in the 5th grade that my sister and I got our first laptop and the world began to open up for us. There was so much anime on this website called YouTube and it was all free! We pirated watched anime, sang openings, learned anime dances, wrote fan-fictions, discovered hentai– it was lit. Over those years, I got even more immersed into nerd shit. I started collecting manga, joined Facebook anime groups, and even attended a really small and very creepy anime convention in my city. Life happened and I took a VERY long break from my nerdy endeavors to focus on academic achievement and purse collegiate opportunities. But it was on one fateful Saturday night, during one of my darkest times in college, that I stumbled upon an unfamiliar series on Toonami. I watched what seemed to be a kid run up on a monster with a sword screaming and I promptly changed the channel. But what I saw had peaked my interest, so I later switched back. And what I saw shocked me. I saw the boy from before collapsed on the ground sobbing. I knew then that he was no stereotypical anime protaganist. This was no Naturo, he was something different. I googled the series and never looked back. I’ve been a card carrying Demon Slayer ever since then.

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